Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Software Technology 1 assignment at SLIIT - (Part 1, Selecting Groups)

When we were at the 2nd semester of the 1st year, we had to develop an application for a pharmacy as an assignment in the ST I subject. It was a group assignment (5 members per team). From this post, I'd like to recall the memories of doing the assignment.

First thing is how I selected a group. From the post 'TC Presentation' I mentioned how I was chosen as the leader of that group. By the time the assignment was given, I had so many experiences of becoming a leader. For the 'TC Presentation' I was the leader of the group. Then for the DBMS I and ITA projects also, I was the group leader. 

From my previous post 'week end course at SLIIT' I told you that I was doing the week end course for the 2nd semester of the 1st year and also I discussed some of the problems we had. So when selecting the group I had to consider so many things. But you know, most of the students doing the week end course, either do a job on week days or follow some other academic course. So the probability of coming to SLIIT on week days to do an assignment is very low. I knew that, but the options left were limited. 

I was fed up with leading the DBMS and ITA group projects then and so that I wanted a brand new start for ST I project. I had the confidence of doing a good project and I always knew that I could rely on Sasika (SS) so I selected him.

I had three main reasons to select him.
  1. He got 30/30 for ST II subject from the mid exam where I got only 28/30.
  2. He was good in graphic designing.
  3. He was a person who never gives up.
Then Mesaj was in my DBMS and ITA groups and he was good in doing presentations. So I selected him also. Then we needed two members more.

I had two friends called Asitha and Dimantha and they asked me to take them to my group. I must tell something about them also. They joined the week end course sometime after the semester began and so that they were unable to join a group for DBMS and ITA projects. So Asitha and Dimantha were doing those projects with having only themselves in their group. So I took them into my group. Then our team was complete. In previous group assignments, other members elected me as the leader. But in ST project, I elected myself as the leader and recruited members to my group. 

The task was to develop an application for a pharmacy. The application should be able to insert, delete, modify data, check expiry date of medicine, update stocks, generate stock balance reports, generate reorder level reports and so on. We had to use C++ as the programming language.

From my next post, I'll tell you what happened then. 

Click Here to download the assignment specification (76.52 KB).

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-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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