Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Software Technology 1 assignment at SLIIT - (Part 2, Preparation)

From my previous post I described about forming the group. From this post, I'll tell you what happened after that.

Although we were given two weeks to develop the application, we were busy with our studies and other work. Since we all were doing the week end course we had problems with finding time to discuss the solution we should develop. We did the week end course not because we wanted, but because we had no other option. Sasika was working at Citizens Development Bank and Mezaj was following a course at APIIT. I also was following some other academic course on week days. Only Asitha and Dimantha were free on week days. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, we had no free time even to discuss the project as we had continuous lectures, practicals and tutorials. Even on week days, we were unable to find a convenient time. It wasn't fair to ask Sasika to come to SLIIT on a week day as he had to work until 5.30 P.M at the bank. Mezaj was also having lectures at APIIT most of the time on week days. One option we had was to give Asitha and Dimantha all the work and help them to develop the application. It was impossible as they were not good in programming. So as the leader of the group, I had no option other than postponing the project. 

However Asitha and Dimantha were asking me always what they could do to contribute to the project. I kept on saying, "Don't worry guys, we'll do it before the deadline". It was because I had a plan in my mind of how to develop the application. 

Day by day we were reaching the deadline and finally we had only one week. I couldn't just wait without doing anything and so that I thought of developing the application alone. According to the requirements of the application, I thought it was best to use a linked list. 

First I drew a plan and defined the classes comparing to the real world scenario. It took two nights to develop the plan with attributes and the basic functions it should contain. Then I implemented some basic functions and created a simple GUI application. It was working perfectly, proving that my plan was perfect. I had used only one windows form and I thought that it would be best if I could more forms in the same application. To do that, I should use the same linked list for the whole application and I understood that I should be able to access the linked list from all of the forms. 

Unfortunately I didn't know how to do that and tried to find some help online. I visited so many websites and forums but couldn't find a method to apply to the solution. I took the application to a ST II lab session and ask the lecturer how to do that. Ms. Anjalie Gamage was our ST lecturer and she showed me an example of how to call a windows form using another windows form. Sasika was with me in the lab class and I showed him the application I developed and I described the logic in that. He took a copy of the source code saying that he would try to develop it further. 

I kept on working on the project alone and I realized that I could finish the whole project by myself without seeking the help of others. I thought that it would be better not to waste time on finding new methods as I was running out of time and decided to further develop the application with the programming knowledge I had. 

To be continued......

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-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'


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