Thursday, December 2, 2010

TC Presentation - Part I (selecting groups)

For the 'Technical Communication - 118' Subject in our 1st year 1st semester of the course, we had to do a group presentation. It was the first and the only academic group activity we had for the 1st semester.

First we had to form groups of 7 members. We were given freedom to select our members and to elect a leader for the team.

I didn't have many friends at SLIIT then, but only two good friends Isuru and Dhanushka. 

(From left to right : Danushka , Isuru -  This picture was taken during a lab session in the 1st semester) 

Isuru had many friends and so he was chosen for a group by his friends. Danushka agreed to join my group. Then we had two members for our group, Danushka and myself. We needed 5 members more. 

Next day during the tutorial hour, we had to give the name list of the members of our group to the lecturer. Danushka and I were waiting outside the lecture room before the tutorial began. We had around 10 minutes to select members of our group. We asked other students if we could join them but most of them had finished forming their groups so that there were no vacancies for Danushka and me. We were running out of time.

Then we saw two students and I understood that they also were looking to join a group. They were Rinaz and Insaaf. They joined us but still we had to find 3 more members. Insaaf had a friend who was not having a group. That was Saumy and he also joined us. 

Then came Ravishan. He came to us and asked whether he could join us. Then we needed only one member. Ravishan told that he had a friend called Pasan who didn't have a group. Pasan was absent that day (as he always did) but Ravishan promised us that Pasan would join us later. Then our problem was solved. We had 7 members for our group. 

I quickly prepared the name list of our group including the SLIIT registration numbers of the members. Then we had to elect a leader for the group. Ravishan proposed that I should be the leader even though he didn't know me. Danushka seconded it and Rinaz, Insaaf and Saumy also had no objection for that. 

That was my first experience of leading a group at SLIIT. During the tutorial hour, we submitted the group details to the lecturer.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


Anonymous said...

Nice experience malli... because I face the same thing in 2008. Wonderful memories !!! All the best for your future... !!! Interesting work... Keep it up :)

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

Thanks for the comment.... may be that's SLIIT life :D

Danu said...

Great job my best friend... :D

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