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How to install Fedora on VMWare Workstation 6

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You need to have VMWare Workstation installed on your PC. Run the VMWare workstation and then you get the following window.
Before installing Fedora, we need to create a virtual machine and then only we will be able to install Fedora on it.
Click on the ‘New Virtual Machine’ icon. Then you get the following window. Click ‘Next’.
 Select the option ‘Typical’ and press ‘Next’.
 In the next window, select ‘Linux’. For the version, select ‘Other Linux 2.6.x kernel’ if ‘Fedora’ is not available among the options. Press ‘Next’.
 In the next window, give a name for your virtual machine and Browse for a location where you want to create the virtual machine.
In the next window, you need to select the ‘Network connection’. If you have connected a router to your PC, by selecting ‘Use network address translation’ option, you can connect to internet from your virtual machine also where it uses the same configuration in your main OS .
If you do not need to connect to internet from the virtual machine just select the option ‘Do not use a network connection’. Press ‘Next’.
In the next window, give the capacity of the virtual hard disk you want to create. It’s recommended to give more than 5GB. Tick ‘Allocate all disk space now’ and press ‘Finish’.
 Then it will create the disk.
Now you have successfully created the virtual machine. Press the button ‘Close’.
Then the settings of your virtual machine will appear.
 Double click on the ‘Memory’ and you will get the following window.
Allocate the memory according to your RAM. It is better to allocate more than 400 MB to support the GUI of Fedora. Then press ‘OK’.
In the virtual machine settings, double click on ‘CD-ROM’
Then you get the following window. If you have a CD or DVD of fedora or if you have mounted an ‘iso’ image to a virtual CD/DVD drive, select the option ‘Use physical drive’.
If you have an ‘iso’ image, without mounting it, you can also select the option ‘Use ISO image’, browse and give the path to the image. Then press ‘OK’.
Then click on ‘Start this virtual machine’ from the virtual machine settings window.
Then you will get the following window. Select ‘Install system with basic video driver’ and press ‘Enter’.
Then the following window will appear. Press ‘OK’ .
In the next window, press ‘Test’.
Then it will check the image of Fedora.
Then it will prompt that the image was successfully verified. Press ‘OK’.
In the Next window, press ‘Continue’.
Then the Graphical User Interface will appear. Press ‘Next’.
Select the language for the installation process and press ‘Next’.
Then in the next window, select the language for the keyboard and press ‘Next’.
Then it will give a warning. Select ‘Re-initialize drive’.
In the next window, give a name for your host and press ‘Next’.
In the next window, select the city and press ‘Next’.
Give a password for ‘Root’ and press ‘Next’.
 Then it will give a warning. Press ‘Write changes to disk’.
 Then the file system will be created.
 In the next window, tick the options as appearing the below image and press ‘Next’.
 Then it will start the installation process and the required packages will be installed.
 After the installation of packages, you will get the following window. Press the button, ‘Reboot’.
 Then it will start loading Fedora.
 In the Welcome and License Information screens, press ‘Forward’.
 Then create the user profile and press ‘Forward’.
 Set the date and time and press ‘Forward’.
 In the next window, press ‘Finish’.
 Then you will get a message box and press ‘No. do not send’.
 Now you need to enter the password of the user account and press ‘Log In’.
 Now you have successfully installed Fedora on VMWare workstation as a virtual machine.
 Press left ‘Alt’+ ‘Ctrl’ buttons to bring the mouse pointer out of the virtual machine. By pressing ‘Alt’ + ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Enter’, you can maximize the screen of the virtual machine.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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If you wonder how to install Fedora 22 in VMware Workstation, Watch the video below!

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