Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to download and install a media player on Fedora

From my previous post, I showed you how to install a media player using a .exe setup file. From this post, I will show you how to install a media player directly from Fedora and install it. 

Before that, I must show you how to make the Audio settings if you are using a virtual machine. I'll show you how to do that in VMWare Workstation. 
First go to the 'Sound Adapter' in the settings of the virtual machine and double click on it. 

Then you get the following window. Select the option 'Use default host sound adapter' and tick 'Connect at power on'. Then press 'OK' and start the virtual machine.
Now activate your internet connection in Fedora.
Before downloading the player you may have to add RPM Fusion repositories. Then 'yum' will resolve the dependencies and the player will be installed.

First open the Terminal in Fedora. Then you need to login to root.
Type 'su' and press 'Enter'. Then enter the correct root password and press 'Enter'.

Then type the following and press 'Enter'.

rpm -Uvh  
Then it will automatically download it. In my case, it shows it is already installed.
Then type the following and press 'Enter'.

rpm -Uvh 

Then it will be downloaded. It shows that the package is already installed in my Fedora OS
Now you can download and install the player you like.

How to install 'mplayer' ?

Login to root and type 'yum install mplayer-gui' and press 'Enter'.
After that it will ask to confirm the downloading. Type 'y' and press 'Enter.
Then it will automatically download and install the player.
Then go to 'Applications' -> 'Sound & Video' -> 'MPlayer Media Player'.
Now you have successfully installed it. 
Open a video and play it. It's working perfectly. As I set the 'Sound Adapter' settings before turning on the virtual machine, audio is also working.

How to install 'VLC Player' ?

Open the terminal and login to root. 
Type 'yum install vlc' and press 'Enter'.
Then it will locate the requested downloading and ask permission to download. Type 'y' and press 'Enter'.
After sometime the downloading will be complete.
Now go to 'Applications' -> 'Sound & Video' -> 'VLC Media Player'.
Play a video and enjoy. 

P.S - This is the 50th post I'm writing on my blog.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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