Sunday, January 16, 2011

Software Technology 1 assignment at SLIIT - (Part 4, Final)

If you couldn't read the Part I, Part II and Part III of this series, first read them.

Finally we had to do a presentation to demonstrate the application we had developed. I went to SLIIT around 9.00 A.M although we had to deliver the presentation at 3.00 P.M. Asitha, Dimantha and Mezaj also came and since they didn't have any idea about what Sasika and I had developed, I showed them how to use the application and described the functions and the coding because they should know everything when we deliver the presentation. 

While they were going through the application and the coding, I helped some other groups who had problems with their applications. After sometime, Sasika also came. That was the first time all five group members got together to do something regarding the project. Sasika brought the latest version of the application with no bugs and he had also designed a graphic using photoshop to appear first when the application loads. We didn't know how to add a progress bar to that, but we found the code from a Youtube video. We added it to our application. 
The above image shows the loading window of our application. It was a unique feature among all of the applications which other groups had developed. 

(Team SS was the name we selected for our group. It was because we used to call Sasika as SS and I suggested to select that name for our group in order to pay gratitude to Sasika for his tremendous help with developing the application)

Here you see some of the screen shots of our application.

At 3.00 P.M, we went to 12 Lab 2 to deliver our presentation. When compared to the applications of the other groups had developed, our one was the best in graphics, user friendliness and from functionality. We did a good presentation there. 

This photo was taken after we did the presentation. (From left to right, Sasika and myself).
This is our group - TEAM SS.
(From left to right, myself, Sasika, Mesaj, Asitha and Dimantha)

Finally, I'm proud to be their leader !

Click here to download the application we finally developed (1.25 MB)
Click here to download the source code (11.56 MB).

P.S - The marks we got for the presentation was not added to the final results of the Software Technology I subject. But it was a great opportunity to work on such a project and the experience I got will never be forgotten. Besides that, there was a complete question in the final exam paper which was related to the assignment we did. In a way, the assignment helped me to get an 'A' from the final exam.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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