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Software Technology 1 assignment at SLIIT - (Part 3, Output)

If you haven't read the  part 1 and part 2 of this post, read them first.

I kept on working on developing the application according to the given specifications and finally developed a complete application four days before the deadline. I had only used one windows form but it contained all the functions required.
The above image shows the application which I developed. 

Click Here to download the application (207.65 KB). 
Click Here to download the source code (4.11 MB). 

As I told you previously, I didn't find new methods when implementing the application. For example, in the stocks update function, the user had to input the current date as an integer because I didn't use the calendar feature which comes with Microsoft Visual Studio. If the current day is 2011- 01-15, the user must enter it as 20110115.  

By that time, Sasika had resigned from his job and I asked me to meet him at SLIIT. I took the source codes with me and he also brought the application which he had further developed from the source code which I gave him previously. 

He had found the code to use the same linked list from all the windows forms and he showed me how it works. That time I realized the importance of having group members who are eager to find new things. I had no intension of working on the project again as I worked hard even without having a proper sleep. So I gave the source code of the final application and described every single line in the code to him.

Two days left without receiving any message from Sasika. I also was not bothered to call him because I decided to submit the application which I developed if Sasika failed to develop it further. Then finally I received a call from him around 2.00 A.M, one day before the deadline. He told that the project was a success and he wanted a further clarification on the function which I implemented to update the stocks of the pharmacy. I gave him the information he needed and he asked me to meet him at SLIIT around 9.00 A.M. 

I went to SLIIT on time and he was not there. I understood his plight and waited until he came. He had slept around 5.00 A.M so that he came to SLIIT around 11.30 A.M.   He showed me the further developed application and I was amazed by seeing it.

As he was good in graphic designing, he had designed images for the buttons and the background. He had also put shortcuts in the application to make a better user friendly environment. 

He had implemented a function to get the system date so that the user doesn't need to enter the current date manually when updating stocks. But the function he had implemented was not supporting the function which I wrote to update stocks. So we both worked on correcting that function. At that time we couldn't find free space to work as there were so many students in the common rooms of every floor. 

 Finally a dustbin came to help us :D.........
The below image shows me, working on correcting some errors.
This is Sasika. 
We couldn't finish the work there as we were chased away by the cleaning staff of SLIIT. So we went home and I gave instructions to Sasika over the phone. 

Next day we had to submit the project before 5.00 P.M. We got together at SLIIT and kept on working. Although we had lectures to attend, we didn't go to them as the project was so important. Other thing was some other groups also sought help from us and while helping others, we worked on our project also. We were asked to upload the source code to the course web but the maximum file size was 2 MB. Our application had a larger size than that and so that we were asked to write the files to a CD and submit it to the 16th Floor. 

Around 4.50 P.M, we could finish all the work. Sasika didn't have a CD burning software in his laptop. Fortunately I had the setup of NERO in my laptop although I didn't have it installed. I installed it quickly and wrote the files to the CD. Since my laptop was very slow, We exceeded the deadline. Around 5.10 P.M we completed that and submitted it. Unfortunately our project was marked under the 'late submissions'. 

To be continued......
-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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