Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thoughts of the 'Batch Top'

It's 12.30 a.m and i'm still awake. What a great day today is... (Sorry, it should be 'yesterday was') .I woke up around 7.00 a.m and I was really tired because yesterday I slept around 1.00 a.m as I was doing some programming project in C++. It was messy and I had written hundreds of lines of coding and I was really fed up. But I had to deliver the project soon so as soon as I got up, I started working on it. 

I checked the output and there were some problems with the output. It was not showing the correct output. I used the debugger and put some breakpoints and tested it. Finally found where the problem was. I had used 2D Arrays in the project and by mistake, I had written a function with logical errors. The function should put data to a particular column in the array, but as I had written the function wrong, it was putting the data in some other row. Finally I corrected the mistake and it was working properly. 

While I was doing that, my dad had telephoned Malabe SLIIT and had asked about the 1st year 2nd semester results. They had told that the results were released and can be collected. I didn't believe that because last semester also they were telling about releasing the results and they took a long time to publish them. 

I kept on working on my project and my phone was ringing suddenly. It was Isuru. He had gone to SLIIT to get registered for the 1st semester of the 2nd year. He said that the GPA was released. He had checked my GPA and told that I had got 4.0 . Wow !!! I was expecting that as I did the exams well and even I had got good marks for the mid exam. But I didn't expected it at that moment. 

I called 'Guru' and asked his GPA. He told that still he could not go to SLIIT and asked me to check it for him if possible. So I took his registration number, called Isuru back and asked him to check it. He replied me soon and told Guru had got 3.94 GPA. 

This is strange. I got 4.0 GPA for the 1st semester and so did in the 2nd semester. Guru got 3.94 GPA for the 1st semester and so did in the 2nd semester. Is there a cycle or something ??? I don't know. 

Then I hurried up and went to SLIIT. I wanted so much to collect my results sheet. I met Sasika at SLIIT and he had come to get registered for the 2nd year. He had got 3.84 GPA. Last semester he got 3.86 GPA, but still that's good as he was following the week end course while doing a job for the 2nd semester of the 1st year. 

Since the orientation program is begun for the new batch, there were some juniors in the 12th floor common room. I observed them and found that they were talking about GPA and stuff like that. I heard some of them saying stuff like getting a GPA about 3.0 is really hard. I felt like telling them how stupid they are and so on, but I kept quiet. 

Then we went to meet the lecturers to tell the results. First we met Jagath sir, who taught us ITA subject. Both Sasika and I had got 'A' s for ITA subject so Jagath sir was happy. He advised us and we asked a lot about how to work in the 2nd year, about the assignments, IT Projects and stuff like that. We were talking for nearly an hour. Then we met Dammika sir who taught us DCCN subject. He advised me to maintain my GPA well. Then we met the Instructors Ms.Isuri and Ms. Mihiri. They also congratulated us and wished us good luck for our future studies. Then I came home and finished the project.

I updated my Facebook Status like this. 

"Became the 1st year best performer of SLIIT getting 4.0 GPA and 4.0 CGPA. Special thanks to Sasika Suchithra Kalupahana and Isuru Madanayake ...... This is the time to thank all my lecturers and instructors. Without you it would be impossible. Thanks once again... I'm ever grateful to you.....!"

I specially thanked Sasika, because he was in my group all the time when doing assignments and helped me immensely. I thanked Isuru because I got an 'A' for DBMS because of him.I thanked the lecturers and instructors because they are really doing their job as best as they can. I'm telling you this because I had been to a government University for sometime and when comparing the lecturers in the University and the SLIIT, there is a huge difference. The lecturers in the University were coming to the lecture, telling something, giving a huge list of reference books and they just go. But lecturers at SLIIT are really helpful and friendly. It doesn't mean that they spoon feed everything. But they are dedicated to teach us, guide us and motivate us. 

So.....Of course I'm the best performer of the 1st year.Getting 4.0 GPA is a great thing. But getting a CGPA of 4.0 for the 1st year is even greater. Everybody was wishing me on FB and calling me... I was busy with answering telephone calls for the whole evening. Then I went to deliver the C++ project and came home around 7.30 p.m. Since then I was on Facebook, chatting and thanking those who wished me. Finally I decided to update my blog as I couldn't for a few days.

Now the time is 1.30 a.m. I want to sleep badly. I'm going now.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


Anonymous said...

well done tharindu... keep it up.

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

hi sesamy, thanks for ur comment....

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