Thursday, December 23, 2010

Help others to get Good Results !

I told you about one of my best friends at SLIIT from my TC Presentation post. Now you know him. This is also about Isuru ( we call him madhaya ). So I saw this picture on facebook recently and thought I must write something about him on my blog.
This picture was designed by another student at SLIIT and had uploaded to facebook. You may wonder why they call him 'sir'. I'll tell you why.

First I must tell you about some of the students at SLIIT. Students come from different backgrounds and with different goals. Some join SLIIT just to earn a degree. Some come to SLIIT just because their parents send them. Some are there who really want to do their best but finds it difficult due to various reasons such as lack of fluency in English. But I'm happy to say that among them, there are students who really do well, who are eager to learn and gain good results while helping others (Believe me, I'm one of them). 

So Isuru also belongs to the last category. He has a lot of friends and he helps them to pass the exams well. When the exams are near by, he conducts discussions (Kuppi) to solve problems, do past papers and they are really helpful for those who are weak. Not everyone is like that. I have seen some students who get a high GPA and do studies very well, but not helping others. It is really bad. So if you are a SLIIT student, always help others if they need and also do your best.

I forgot something to tell you. When I was in the 2nd semester of the 1st year, I had so many problems in the subject DBMS - I. Even before the day before the final exam my problems were not solved. So on the day before the exam, I went to Isuru's place and studied DBMS with him. I spent that night learning many things. I taught him where he found it difficult and he taught me where I found it difficult. Finally I got an 'A' for DBMS !! Thanks Isuru again. 

DBMS - I was a critical subject. My friend 'Guru' who got 3.94 GPA from the 1st semester of the 1st year had got an 'A-' for DBMS-I and he finally ended up with getting 3.94 GPA for the 2nd semester also. He had got 'A' s for all the other subjects. 

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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Now we have the creator ! Thanks kodda

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