Sunday, December 12, 2010

TC Presentation - Part 2 (Getting Prepared)

We had to suggest a suitable application to be added to the SLIIT course web to make the course web popular among the students. As the leader of the team, it was my responsibility to lead my team for a better solution. We got together when we were not having lectures and discussed what to do. Pasan was not coming to SLIIT as he was running his own web designing firm and he was busy with that. Other members were with me all the time and I had the doubt whether Pasan would come for the final presentation. Rinaz promised me that he would bring Pasan some how. 

This picture was taken during the preparations for the presentation. From right to left, myself, Danushka, Infaas and Rinaz. I think Saumy captured the photo. Pasan was absent that day as he always did, so did Ravishan.

We wasted so much of time on discussing what to do without doing something. All the members were suggesting so many things but I felt like many of them were not suitable. Finally we were running out of time and had only three days to finish writing the report, prepare the slide show and get ready for the presentation. 

At last, we came up with a solution. We named it as 'Moodle Personalizer' because using our application the students could personalize the course web as the way they want.

Following are some features of the suggested application.

  • Checking email and use social networking website facilities while in the course web.
  • Online Dictionary in Sinhala, Tamil and English.
  • Youtube video search from the course web.

I started writing the report and within one or two hours I completed the whole report. 
Click Here to download the report (38 KB).

I prepared the power point presentation on my own.
Click Here to download the presentation (2.32 MB).

Next thing was to get prepared for the presentation. I asked the members to take slides that they would like to describe and to prepare speeches on their own. As Pasan was not coming, I prepared a speech for him and emailed to him with the slide show. He promised me that he would come on the day of the presentation. The following day I checked the speeches of the members of the group but all of them were having mistakes. So I had to write speeches for each member on my own. I did it with pleasure. I didn't write a speech for myself. I knew everything about the application because I was the one who suggested it. I knew every thing in the speeches because I wrote them myself. 

Click Here to download the speeches (38 KB).

The day before the presentation was held, we all got together. Even Pasan came for a short period. We practiced doing the presentation. We had to concentrate more on time management because we had to do the presentation within 10 minutes.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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