Friday, December 17, 2010

SLIIT scholarships for academic performance

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology has many scholarship awarding schemes. From this post I'll tell you about the full and half semester scholarships awarded for academic performance.

When awarding these scholarships, only the semester GPA is concerned. The minimum required GPA depends on the results of the students as there are limited number of scholarships to be awarded.

It is like this. If you get a high GPA from this semester examination, you'll be awarded a scholarship for the next semester. But the problem is they take some time to release the results and by the time they release the results, you'll be already paid and registered for the next semester. Then if you are eligible to receive a scholarship, that will be applicable for your next semester.

This happened to me. I got 4.0 GPA (maximum) from the 1st year 1st semester examination. When I got registered for the 2nd semester, still the GPA s were not released. So I had to pay for the 2nd semester and got registered. The GPA was released while I was in the 2nd semester and for my excellent performance I was awarded a full scholarship. If you are eligible to receive a scholarship, you'll be notified by a letter ( So when getting registered at SLIIT, make sure you give the correct contact details of you).

I used the scholarship when getting registered for the 1st semester of the 2nd year so that I didn't have to pay for that semester.

I got to know that the full scholarship was awarded to those who had got a GPA more that 3.9 and the half scholarship was awarded for those who had got GPA between 3.8 to 3.9. As I told you earlier, it depends on the results of the students for that particular semester. My friend 'Guru' (3.94 GPA) also had received a full scholarship and my friend Sasika (3.86 GPA) had received a half scholarship.

Full scholarship means the total fee for a semester. Half scholarship means the half of the amount for a semester. This is a great opportunity for students. I haven't seen other institutes awarding such scholarships. There are many other scholarship schemes also. I'll tell you about them from my later posts.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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