Sunday, March 6, 2011

ITA Group Project - Part IV

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Before sleeping, I set the alarm to 5.00 A.M because I knew that otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish the project before delivering the presentation. After two hours the alarm was ringing. I got up with a terrible headache and despite all the pains, I was struggling to save 10 marks from the final result of ITA subject. Sasika was still sleeping and I wasn't bothered to wake him up because I was determined to complete the rest on my own.

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The continuous work over three days affected me very badly and I felt like I was undergoing through a short term memory loss. I felt that I was looking at the screen of my laptop without figuring out what to do next. Somehow I was able to finish it at 7.00 A.M. My father came to pick me up and I went home to get ready to leave for SLIIT. Still the home page was not integrated to the website because it was designed in Sasika's PC.

I reached SLIIT around 8.00 A.M and Dasun telephoned me suddenly. He told me that he was suffering from fever and was unable to come for the presentation. I had nothing to say except scolding him. I was the one who worked continuously and finished the stuff then and he was the one who got fever !

I waited at the 12 common room until the other group members came. While waiting, I helped other groups who sought my help in finishing the projects. We were supposed to deliver the presentation at 9.00 A.M. Around 8.50 A.M, Mezaj and Sajee came. Still they had no idea about the project whether it is completed or not. I couldn't show it to them because my laptop battery was ruined then and I couldn't turn on my laptop without giving the power supply. Then we went to the 12 Lab II and waited for the arrival of Sasika. Then I found all the other groups were trying to export their projects to the computers in the lab and they told that we were supposed to do the presentation using a computer in the lab.

The whole project, database, coding and the web pages were lying in my laptop and I knew that it was impossible to port our project to a computer at lab. The reason was first I created the database by writing SQL scripts and later I did a lot of modifications to the data tables without keeping track of the SQL scripts. Other thing was when entering data to database, I used the GUI of SQL Server which comes inbuilt with MS SQL Server where I had just to type or copy and paste data on the virtual data tables.
(When we were doing the project, I didn't know how to copy a MS SQL data base from one computer to another directly and even if I knew it, we wouldn't be able to use it in a computer in the lab without having administrative privileges over the SQL Server).

Ms. Isuri was there to inspect the presentations and the first group started delivering their presentation. They had designed nice interfaces but the functionality wasn't there. The user logins were not working and registering customers was also not working. Then I realized what a great project we ( I ) had done with all the functionality and attractive interfaces. Sasika came around 9.30 A.M and we were the group to deliver the presentation next. I asked Ms. Isuri whether we could use my laptop and she told that it was alright giving me a great relief.

To be continued ...

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-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10-


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