Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mission 4.0 GPA at SLIIT - Part 1

Today is 19th March 2011 and my clock shows the time as 11:33 P.M. Few minutes more to the mid night and I'm infront of Isuru's PC at his place. He is doing some PS questions and I'm little bit exausted now and so thought of writing something which will be useful to all my friends at SLIIT. 

We have around 1 month for the final exam at SLIIT. So I started getting ready for the exam today. So I came to Isuru's place and we are studying together. We have come up with a plan to get good results from the exam and I thought of sharing it with my friends. 

Now the most difficult and the critical subject is 'Probability and Statistics' (PS). Even I don't have a clear understanding on this subject. Unfortunately we don't have electives and it's a must to follow this subject. I found a good learning material which simply describes everything in this subject. That is "Schaum's easy outlines Probability and Statistics Crash Course". I got it printed because it's really worth learning.

You can download it from "Thariya's Ebook Linker" (Search under the category "Probability & Statistics"). 

At the moment I have completed three chapters from that. Now we are going to sleep. Hope to wake up at 4.00 A.M tomorrow and finish PS and try to answer some past paper questions. I hope everybody would follow this book and I want to see everybody getting 'A' passes for PS.
(Left : Isuru, Right : myself - Rocking PS)

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


caesars said...

Best of luck with your exam specially with PS, I still remember I used to study the same series for PS 6 years a ago when I studied at sliit Malabe, and I got a A pass for the subject.
Good luck with your Exams !!

Thari Perera said...

hahaha got this buk..thnx thariya :):)

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

@caesars - Thanks a lot for your wishes.

@Thari - Just because of having the book won't give u good results. Start doing it. :D

Anonymous said...

Tanx a lot macho

පොඩ්ඩා said...

මචං the link is not working..!! :(

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

yes. The site is down now. If you want any books, send me a message through the contact me form. Regards !

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