Monday, February 28, 2011

ITA Group Project - Part II

If you have not yet read the previous post, first read it. 

29th October 2010

After finishing the lab sheet, I built some web pages with basic interfaces and connected it with the database. I wrote some functions to register customers, to check the login username and password and redirect the user to another web page, if the user name and password matched. It worked successfully. Although these user login functions come in-built with Visual Studio ASP.NET, I had no previous experience in using them. Therefore I thought it would be better to write our own functions so that we know exactly  how they work and we know how to modify them whenever necessary. The other thing was more than learning new things, we had to do something because the deadline was tight. I kept on working and decided to meet other group members next day.

I called Sasika to know about the progress in designing the master page but he had not finished it then. I asked him to come to SLIIT next day but he told me that he was having some important work to do and would not be comming. ( Later on I got to know that important work was a date with a girl  :D )

Therefore I decided not to go to SLIIT next day and I told others to continue writing details of the apartments which we were going to include in the website.

30th October 2010

We all got together at Sasika's place. He had almost finished designing the master page. Others had brought the photos of apartments and we discussed about the features we should add to the website. While Sasika was resizing the photos to add to our website, I added web pages to the master page and showed them how I had managed to provide database connection. For three or four hours we kept on working and ended up with so many bugs in the project. I was confused then and thought that I should go through each coding from the beginning. So I came home and tried to find mistakes. I tried to find help from online forums and finally I could correct all the bugs. From those forums, I learned about the 'On row command' in the Grid View and I used it to generate buttons dynamically to add the apartments to the cart.By that time I understood that I should do more and more work because there was only one day left to meet the deadline. I continued my work and slept only for three hours that night.
(This is the Home Page of the website. Credit should go to Sasika for designing nice interfaces.)
You may think that without doing everything on my own, I should have given the work to others also. Yes you are correct, but what if others are not good in programming ??? If I told a group member to write a function to accept certain inputs and give a specified output, would he be able to do it? In my case, the answer was 'NO'. Although Sasika was good in programming he had a lot to do, designing the interfaces and graphics in the website.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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