Thursday, March 3, 2011

ITA Group Project - Part III

Read the Part I and Part II of this post, if you couldn't read yet.

31st October 2010

I went to Sasika's place early in the morning. We integrated what we had developed so far with the interfaces that Sasika had developed. The functions to Search apartments, Display user account details and modify, Reserve and cancel reservations were not yet written then. Details of the apartments were also not yet added to the database then. Sasika kept on working with designing the interfaces and I was writing functions one by one. Mezaj, Sajee and Dasun came around 9.30 A.M. We were running out of time.

Since I was the group leader, it was my responsibility to manage the project. With the tight deadline, it was a daunting task to do. So we discussed about what is left to do and Mezaj, Sajee and Dasun started writing the descriptions for the apartments and typing them. It was a great relief for me because we had  to insert more than 50 records of apartment descriptions to the database.

After having lunch, I got a terrible headache. I think it was because of the continuous work for nearly 7 hours and due to lack of sleep in previous day. So I slept for a while letting others do the work. I think I slept for an hour and when I got up, I thought others had finished entering data to the database. To my utter surprise, they all were listening to music and doing some other work. Even Sasika was designing some graphics for some other group project which a friend of him had asked to do. I was really disappointed and helpless because it was the last day to complete the project and the next day we were supposed to do the presentation regarding the project. 

With my arrival they started the work again and around 4.30 P.M they finished typing all the records of the apartments. Since the programming part and the interface designing was left to do I asked Mezaj, Sajee and Dasun to go home and come to SLIIT next day in the morning. Everything was on my shoulders then. Sasika and I worked together till the mid night. He was sneezing and caught a cold. So finally I asked him to get some rest and he went to sleep. I was in a dire need to have some rest and my eyes were burning. I closed my eyes and kept on coding because I was perfect in typing.

Around 3.00 A.M, I could finish the major tasks of the website and there was only one function to be written. That was showing details of customer account and modifying them. I stopped work to get some sleep because I felt I was not well. 

To be continued.....

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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