Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thariya's Ebook Linker

In this fast growing IT field, technology is changing day by day. Therefore as the IT undergraduates, we must always update our knowledge and we should be aware of what's happening in the Information Technology world.Other thing is getting good results from the exams in our degree programs.

There are so many good learning resources on the internet. We must refer them when we are studying, but the problem is we have to put more effort to find good resources other than using them. I came up with a solution to overcome this problem. That is developing a web based application to share learning resources. It was a difficult task because I'm still learning the web developing technologies where I had to learn some methods from the beginning.

I developed the website 'Thariya's Ebook Linker' where anybody can visit, create an account and download the resources. At the same time, the registered members can share the learning material they have by adding it's download link to the database. I used ASP.NET technology with C# as the programming language and a Microsoft SQL database to store data. The experience I got from the ITA project in the 1st year 2nd semester was very much useful when developing the website. As new things, I learned how to upload images from the user's PC to the web site through a file uploader, resize the images to predefined dimensions and save them in the server.

This is the login page of the website.
Some of the resources shared by the members of the website.

Users can search for learning material by categories.
Some of the interfaces of the website. This is the first time I designed all the interfaces on my own. For some interfaces, I used the same coding and the pages form our ITA project website.

You can visit the website from this Link. Share your learning resources with others.

P.S - Special thanks to Mr. Jagath Wickramarathne (My ITA lecturer) for introducing ASP.NET and C# to me. 
Special thanks to Mr. Asitha Perera and Ms. Manori Gamage (My DBMS I lecturers) for introducing  SQL and database management systems to me.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


Anonymous said...

This was really helped for our ITA group project...
Thanx Mate :)
Malinga de Silva
SLIIT 2014

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

Happy to hear that. Thanks for the comment :D

Supun Tharaka said...

Great work bro!!!
for 1st year sliit students, there is a helpful site....
World of Knowledge

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