Saturday, February 12, 2011

A day without Google is impossible !!!!

Google has become a part of my life. These are the google apps I use.

Google Chrome
My primary web browser is Google Chrome. This is very much faster than Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Google Search Engine

Google is my home page. With google search, everything is near my fingertips.

Gmail is easy to use and having more features than the other email service providers including email forwarding for free. I use this email forwarding for my mail account at SLIIT. I have set it to forward all the emails I get for SLIIT mail to my primary email account. So that I can read emails I receive from SLIIT easily.

Google Books Library
I use Google books to create my own library and read ebooks when I'm online.

I use blogger to write my blog. This is easy to use than other blogging platforms.

I use Picasa to upload my photos. When I want to add images to my blog, I upload the photos to Picasa and then give the links from the blog. I have installed Picasa 3 software also which allows me to upload multiple photos at the same time.

Feed Burner

 Using google feed burner, I have provided free email delivery for each post I write on my blog. My blog readers can enter their email in the Email subscription box and they can subscribe. Once I write a post, it will be automatically delivered to all the subscribers.


You tube was very helpful for me when doing the Software Technology I assignment. There are so many technical videos there. I use this to upload and download videos. The best thing is it does not need to have any software to download Youtube videos....

Google Buzz

I use Google buzz to share my updates with my followers. It is something like twitter.

Google Translate

This was very much useful for me recently. I downloaded some tutorials online and after downloading I realized that it was not in English. It was in German. I used google translator and within few seconds it translated all the tutorials to English.

Google Reader
Using google reader, I can get the updates of all the blogs which I follow. So that I don't need to visit each and every blog to view the updates.

Google Earth
I'm not using this regularly, but it is helpful to get screen shots of geographical areas. I used this to get some screen shots of my school where I had to do a presentation about my school when I was at the university.

Google Groups
I use google groups to join various groups which discuss technical stuff. Currently I have joined so many groups such as Linux forum, hacker community, Unix guide......

Google Docs

Recently I had to write a report for an assignment and in my desktop PC, Office Package was not installed. I prepared the whole report using Google Docs.

Google Maps

This was really useful for me when I participated the Microsoft Student Champs for the very first time. I didn't know where the Microsoft Sri Lanka office was located and so I used this to get the map and found how to reach there.

Google Mobile

Google is with me in my Nokia E71 when I don't have access to a PC and when I'm on the way.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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