Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love Coder Girl

Coder Girl Lyrics:
to be the keys underneath her finger tips                      
Her class makes a brotha's back buffer wanna flip
and be number one on her link list
and get a callback, I'm in all caps
feels like my first hello world
what it is to run with a coder girl
and it ain't hard to like how she writes
with her pretty interface, plus her source is tight
wanna get in where I fit in like a plug-in
this is the true meaning of computer lovin'
She's got a data stack that's straight stunning
No mismatch, exceptions or debuggin
invariably, how would I pass this
when my coder girl grants me root access
basically, she's a certified A+
yo, it's more than just technolust

Feels like my first Hello World 'cause
She's my Coder Girl
Man, I had to dedicate this one
To my Coder Girl

I'll put it like this, so you can understand
She makes me wanna update to be a better man
When we compile she's easy to interpret
A cross-platform version I can work with
She's not wrapped in flash
all she wants is her java and a shell to bash
While, she's a sight to C, plus
Her smile glimmers just like a Ruby does
She could never be subroutine
The high priority process of my machine
Sharper than most chics ya' know
She's not another shallow copy actin' sudo
It's that good type dependancy
I function better with C.G. next to me
and it always leads to an overflow
When it's runtime and we take it slow

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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