Friday, November 19, 2010

What is Public Drive and Z: Drive ?

Once you login to windows from a computer in a lab at SLIIT and when you go to 'My Computer', you'll see there is a drive called 'Public Drive' and 'Z Drive'.

The 'Public Drive' is the location where course materials and software setup files are stored. Some of the course material may only be available at the 'Public Drive' but not in the course web. The software you need when following courses are also available there. You can copy the software you want into your pen drives and get them installed in your personal computers at home.

The 'Z Drive' is like a hard disk. You may get a capacity around 60 MB. You can store your personal files there. This is useful when getting printouts also, because the documents you need to get printed should be stored in your Z Drive first.

P.S - My advice is when you are working with files, always save them in your desktop. Because if you save them in your Z Drive while working with that documents at the same time, if the file size gets larger when you do modifications and if you are running out of capacity of the Z drive, you may not be able to continue working with those documents. So save your documents in your desktop and after you finish your work, get a copy of your documents in the desktop to a pen drive or copy them into your Z Drive before logging off the computer. If you save them in the Z Drive, you can access it from any computer at any lab. If you have saved the documents only in the desktop then you cannot access your documents from other computers.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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