Friday, November 19, 2010

How to get Printouts at Metro ?

From this post, I'll tell you how to get printouts at Metro Campus.

You need to have a payment receipt for printouts and photocopies in order to get printouts. If you don't know how to obtain a receipt, click here.

First, you need to put the files that you need to get printed into your Z: Drive. If you don't know what is the Z Drive, click here.

Then you need to go to the server room of 12th Floor. The server room is located inside the '12 Lab 1'. You can find the '12 Lab 1' when you are entering  the 12th Floor. It is on your left hand side.

Then you need to tell your registration number (DIT or DCN....) to the system administrator in the server room. Then the system admin will open your Z Drive from his computer. If the files to be printed are not in your Z drive, but in a friend's Z drive, then give the system admin the registration number of your friend.

(Sometimes you may be in a hurry to get printouts and sometimes you'll find that it takes so long to login to a computer in a lab from your account. Then you will not be able to put your files into your own Z drive. So put them in the Z drive of a person who has already logged into a computer and ask the registration number of that person. Give that registration number to the system admin.)

Then you need to show the files to be printed and give the receipt for printouts and photocopies. Then the system admin will reduce the amount from the receipt and give you back. You can collect the printouts by going to the printer room. It is located in front of the '12 Lab 1'.

(Sometimes the system admin may tell you to count the number of printouts and come. They you'll have to go to the printer room, count the pages, go back to the server room and get the amount reduced from your receipt.)

You can only get single side printed pages. Currently the cost per single A4 sheet is Rs. 3/=. This may vary but it is really cheap when compared to the price if you are getting printouts from outside.

P.S - Get the important lecture slides printed so that you can go through them anytime. The best way is to get 9 slides per sheet printed in Land Scape mode. Also get the past papers printed and attempt to them before the examination.

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


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