Sunday, November 20, 2011

My very first project in 'FreeLancer'

I guess most of you know the freelancer website but you may have not tried to do a project in that yet. From this post I'm telling you about my very first project in freelancer.

I got registered at freelancer few months back following a request sent via email by a fellow student at SLIIT (Mihiran). I didn't have any idea about completing projects and getting paid then. I wasn't even bothered to place bids on projects. 
These days I'm spending holidays after completing the 2nd year at SLIIT and I thought I should really try to complete a project and earn some money without wasting time on watching movies and TV Series.

I placed bids on 5 projects, three of them were data entry projects, one was to develop a web application with database connectivity and the other was a Java Assignment.

I received a message from the publisher of the Java Assignment asking whether I could finish it successfully.
The price range for the project was $30-$70 (Canadian Dollars) and my bid was 30$. When I placed the bid, I mentioned that I could finish the project in one day. I replied saying that I could finish it and then I received the details of the project.

My Java knowledge is not very high since I learned Java in the 1st semester of the 2nd year at SLIIT and after that I didn't write much programs in Java since I did the 2nd semester project in C#. 

According to that I had to write two Java programs. Both the programs were command line programs, but for inputting data I had to use GUI with JOptionPane in java. For output, both command prompt and GUI was used.

The first program was based on a complex mathematical equation and I had to do a dry run which was a tedious task since I got some logical errors in the program. It was because a condition given in the assignment had a printing mistake where it had printed '>' instead of '<'. Finally I found it and completed the program getting the correct output.

The second program was to develop a customized commanding environment where user can enter predefined commands. The program should implement the identification of those commands and I had to write some string handling methods for that. I could successfully finish that also.

Finally my client asked to do some modifications to the programs saying that he would pay me additional 20$s. I did them too and after delivering the project I received 50$ (CAD). From that 5$s were deducted from the freelancer website as a commission.

I take this opportunity to thank my Java teacher at SLIIT, Ms. Abarnah Kirupananda who introduced me Java and the notes she gave us were really helpful when finishing the project. 

-Tharindu Edirisinghe-
-SLIIT 10'-


Anonymous said...

Hey Thariya great work...
Seems like you got a nice to way to spend your holidays.. hehe
Watching the 4th season of the "big Bang Theory" with xams looking... lol That's me ;)
anyway keep up the good work...


Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

Thanks Dan,
You should really try this. There are so many PHP projects in freelancer.

Chathura Yapa said...

Hi Brother,

Try Odesk.. there is a better chance of winning a project rather than in freelancer. Also few of you guys can get together and start an agency in odesk and you guys can bid the project under the name of that agency.. So a bigger project can be obtained and can be completed as a group....

Thank you..
Best Regards

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

I'll try that bro.. thanks for telling.

ஆரபி said...

Impressed by your comment tharindu. Indeed I had given you the basics only. But its your effort to win this.. Anyway I guess this appreciation is the highest reward a teacher could obtain.
Keep up the good work and continue doing projects as suggested by Chathura yapa ayya.
God bless you

Best Regards,

Tharindu Edirisinghe said...

Thanks a lot Ms. Abarnah.... for everything you have done for us...

Spectore said...

I'd like to do this sometime but I have no idea how to receive money over the internet. Did you use Paypal or something similar? Please tell us...

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